Michał Górski

CEO of Schwitzke Górski


Born in Cracow in 1978. Graduated from Cracow University of Technology (Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism) and Polish Open University in Cracow (MBA). Since 2003 has been working as architect and since 2006 has been associated with Schwitzke GmbH group and has been maintaining its branch in Cracow.


As the managing director of "Schwitzke Górski" Michał Górski together with his team creates new standards for stores as well as commercial and service points on the Polish and European markets. Over 200 projects are started each year. This number continues to increase as does the demand for professional service in every industry. Main clients of "Schwitzke Górski" group are brands from the fashion sector, such as LPP, WOJAS, MIG, KOMFORT, and many more. We also realize projects in the catering industry as well as interior design project for offices. Our experience stems from small and large scale projects - shopping centres, hotels and small selling points. Polish clients of the Schwitzke Górski group, similar to international clients, receive a full product including a complete rebranding concept, a turnkey project.

Schwitzke &  PARTNER

Schwitzke & Partner offer a holistic approach to design, rich know-how and a 100 % identification with the business models of the clients. The founders of the group - the brothers Karl and Klaus Schwitzke - emphasize that a project is not the goal but a part of the policy of a particular brand and an element of its success. Comprehensive design services for commercial spaces by the specialists of Schwitzke & Partner constitute a complete analysis of the DNA and identity of the brand as well as a focus on strategy and the target group. Having such broad knowledge about the client and his needs, the designers of Schwitzke & Parnter proceed to giving the interior a new face in such a way that not only the brand logo but also the characteristic shop interiors become recognizable as they mirror the clients taste.